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Coasters.Net is designed, developed and hosted by Russell M. Van Tassell, completely in his spare time. The site includes information garnered from a wide variety of sources including shows, books and a large amount of personal travel and investment. The site has gone through a large number of changes in its many years of existence, suffering from a few machine moves, drive crashes and a variety of other things.

The site's emphasis continues to be on information and ease-of-navigation rather than flashiness. Every effort is made to make this site just-as-viewable using browsers such things as Lynx along with any so-called "modern" browser on the Internet. All pages are coded completely by hand, without the aid of a GUI, through either the use of Perl (or other scripting language) or just plain old text editors. While the site may contain style sheets or Javascript in places, it is just as viewable with or without either.

Please note we are strongly opposed to unsolicited commercial email of any type and we do not engage in any sort of spamming practice. If you have received a message claiming to be from coasters.net offering some sort of "business deal" or anything of the sort, please know that it is not from us. We do not run Microsoft hardware on our production networks and are not vulnerable to normal virii or worms, either.

All information on this site is copyrighted and can not be reproduced without written authorization or consent. We will also generally provide reciprocal links to websites upon request or notification.

Should you wish to send me additional information (signed books from authors, press kits from parks and other coaster media from publishers being just a few examples), you can reach me at:

Russell M. Van Tassell
PO Box 391776
Mountain View, CA

I do welcome any questions or comments you may have but please note, however, that I receive dozens if not hundreds of messages nearly every day; although I try to respond, I may not be able to get around to every single message.

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