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Videos on rollercoasters and parks and movies that feature shots of them. If you have any additions to this page, please feel free to let me know. For videos, as much information as you have is generally appreciated (eg. title, publisher, price, ISBN number etc).

Please also note that the content herein is the copyright of their respective publishers and/or authors. I simply offer this page for the pleasure and convenience of my own readers. If you are like me, you will want your own copies of each piece of literature listed here for your own library (many of the entries, below, provide direct links to places such as Amazon.Com where you can purchase the books online).


Videos about Coasters and/or Parks...

[Wild Extreme Rides Series]

Wild Extreme Rides Series (Box set: VHS)

Movies and Commercial Shows featuring coasters...

This section is dedicated not to the movies or videos about the theme park industry, but those that contain varying amounts of footage of some of our favorite rides in-action. In some cases, they present some very interesting and/or hard-to-find footage.

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