Corkscrew (1976)

Cedar Point

Sandusky, Ohio

Text excerpt from Press Release 008 P/Distributed 1994

Upside down and all around is the forte of this triple-looping roller coaster. Built during the nation's Bicentennial, the Corkscrew entertains spectators standing below as it whizzes by with its inverted cargo of screaming passengers. In 1993, the Corkscrew flipped more than 1.8 million riders upside down. More than 35.3 million riders have gone head over heals since its operating (through the 1993 season).

Physical Dimensions
Track Length: 2,050 feet
Lift Height: 85 feet
Overall Dimensions: 200 feet wide, 1,000 feet long, located on 5 acres

Model: Corkscrew roller coaster with two helical curves and a 360-degree loop
Structure: Tubular steel track and support beams
Track Construction: Two 5-inch diameter pipe rails on 48-inch centers, supported horizontally by 14-inch diameter pipe.
Features: When it was constructed in 1976, the Corkscrew was the first ride with a 360-degree vertical loop and two helical curves. Shoulder restraints hold riders securely and comfortably. Non-riders can walk directly underneath the ride as its track spans the midway.

Time, Speed
Time: Approximately 2:00
First Hill Speed: 48 mph
Eye of Corkscrew: 38 mph

Coaches: Three trains with nylon wheels
Six four-passenger coaches on each train

Ride Capacity: 1,752 rides per hour

Investment: $1.75 million

Ride Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics, Clearfield, Utah

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