Disaster Transport (1990)

Cedar Point

Sandusky, Ohio

Text excerpt from Press Release 008 P/Distributed 1994

Passengers are transformed into futuristic astronauts when they enter Disaster Transport, a roller coaster space adventure. Before blasting off on their journey, guests will tour a battered suborbital launching facility complete with rocket recovery and mission control rooms. During their mission, riders encounter attacking space pirates, exploding asteroids and a laser-beaming satellite along the way. Disaster Transport features more than $1 million in special effects. More than 1.3 million riders sped through space on Disaster Transport in 1993 alone.

Physical Dimensions
Track Length: 1,932 of steel trough
Lift Height: 63 feet

Special Effects
Large-screen video projections, simulated lasers and more than 150 porps. including two life-like robots.

Transports: Five transports, carrying 10 passengers each
Special Features: Free-wheeling transports rely on gravity to determine the speed and course of the ride

Ride Capacity: 1,800 rides per hour

$4.0 million Disaster Transport special effects and construction
$3.4 million Original ride expenditure
$7.4 million Total investment

Special Effects Producer
ITEC Productions, Inc., Orlando, Fla.

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