Iron Dragon (1987)

Cedar Point

Sandusky, Ohio

Text excerpt from Press Release 008 P/Distributed 1994

The Iron Dragon simulates flight as its bright blue cars, suspended under its red track, sway side to side with the forces of gravity. Riders skim above treetops and swoop over a misty lagoon. A giant pretzel-knot loop over water creates an exciting finale. The Iron Dragon gave more than 1.9 million rides in 1993 and has been challenged by more than 13.5 millions riders since it's 1987 debut (through the 1993 season).

Physical Dimensions
Track Length: 2,800 feet
Lift Heights: 76 feet and 62 feet

Model: Suspended coaster with individual four-passenger cars
Structure: Tubular steel track support by 137 columns
Special Features: Shoulder harnesses secure riders

Time, Speed
Time: Approximately 2:00
Speed: 35 to 40 mph

Coaches: Three 28-passenger trains.
Each train consistes of seven four-passenger cars.

Ride Capacity: 2,000 rides per hour

Investment $4 million

Ride Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics, Clearfield, Utah

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