Magnum XL-200 (1989)

Cedar Point

Sandusky, Ohio


Text excerpt from Press Release 008 P/Distributed 1994

The Magnum XL-200. Its name alone strikes excitement among roller coaster enthusiasts worldwide. And for good reason. Introduced in 1989, this record-breaking ride has one of the tallest hills (205 feet) and delivers one of the fastest rids (72 mph) anywhere. Last summer Magnum was voted the number one roller coaster in the world by readers of Inside Track, an international publication that covers amusement park news and trends around the world.

In 1993 alone, this sleek steel machine gave more than 2.2 million rides, making it one of the top three rides of the season. Since 1989, Magnum has given more than 10 million rides (through the 1993 season).

Physical Dimensions
Track Length: 5,106 feet
Lift Height: 205 feet
Second Hill Height: 157 feet
Third Hill Height: 80 feet

Model: Out-and-back coaster
Structure: Steel tubular track
Features: First hill drop of 60 degrees (one of the steepest in the world)
Lap bar restraints
Three tunnels with special effects

Time, Speed
Time: Approximately 2:00
Speed: 72 mph

Coaches: Six-passenger coasches on each train
Three 36-passenger trains running continuously
Design: Fiberglass coaches with lap bar and nylon wheels

Ride Capacity: 2,000 rides per hour

$8.0 million Disaster Transport special effects and construction

Ride Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics, Clearfield, Utah

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