Jack Rabbit - Kennywood



Opening Date: 1921
Length of Track: 2132 feet
Height: 70 feet
Highest Drop: 70 feet (double dip)
Designer: John A. Miller
Builder: Charlie Mack/Kennywood
  • First trains built by Dayton Fun House and Riding Device Manufacturing Company
  • New trains built in 1947 by Andy Vettel's uncle, Ed Vettel of West View Park.
Description: Back in 1921, one of America's top coaster firms (Miller and Baker) designed this new "high speed coaster." John Miller designed this $50k coaster in one of the ravines at the side of the park and, by doing so, used less lumber. The coaster used a new system of wheels over and under the track in order to allow for the use of a 70-foot double dip drop (which is still quite a thrill, speaking from personal experience). In 1947 they removed the tunnel after the first drop and replaced the original trains with ones built by Ed Vettel (Andy Vettel's uncle) of West View Park. The entire coaster is 2132 feet long with a 70 foot high lift.

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