Racer - Kennywood



Opening Date: 1927
Length of Track: 2250 feet
Height: 72 feet
Designer: John A. Miller
Builder: Charlie Mack & Andrew Brown/Kennywood
Description: At the time of building (1910), this wooden twin-track racer was the world's largest. It did not, however, feature trains with wheels both over and under the track and, as such, required gentle curves. The new design (by John A. Miller of Miller and Baker) featured these new wheels and, as such, allowed for banked curves as well as curves on dips and similiar. The figure eight track is actually a single 2250 foot circuit (so that the trains switch sides every run -- which is great for those that love racing trains). The lift hill is 72 feet high and is actually over a ravine (using more lumber) and helped the cost of this new coaster exceed $75k. The loading platform was also redesigned in 1946 and the original entrance was restored in 1990.

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