Steel Phantom - Kennywood



Opening Date: 1991
Length of Track: 3000 feet
Designer: Arrow Dynamics (concept by Harry W. Henninger, Jr)
Builder: Rich Henry, Fred Weber & Dave Moll/Kennywood
Description: This 3000 foot steel coaster from Arrow Dynamics is unlike any other. The ride features a 160 foot high lift and a second drop of a hair-raising 225 feet, right over the side of a ravine and through the middle of Thunderbolt (bringing the train to a world record speed of 80 miles per hour). The second drop is followed by a heart-pounding (some say head-pounding) four inversions (a vertical loop, a boomerang and a corkscrew). All of this is just a minute and forty five seconds long. (Although some accuse this ride of being rather rough, I think that one needs to "learn" how to ride it before completely enjoying the pure arenaline rush from this beast -- and, yes, after a half dozen or more rides I did end up with a bruise on my shoulder)

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