Thunderbolt/Pippin - Kennywood



Opening Date: 1968 (Pippin originally opened in 1924)
Length of Track: 2887 feet
Height: 95 feet
Designer: Andy Vettel (John A. Miller deigned the original Pippin)
Builder: Andy Vettel/Kennywood
Description: This woodie was designed by Andy Vettel with a 95 foot lift and a 2887 foot circuit. The ride was built around and incorporated the first and last drops (and a tunnel) from the old Pippin (1924-1967) designed by John A. Miller. The ride starts with a drop into a ravine (the same ravine through-which the Stell Phanton dives on its second drop) and the coaster actually doesn't reach the lift until halfway through the ride. For those that would think a coaster is measured by its first drop -- the final drop on this is something to look forward to at an astonishing 90 feet.

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