Colossus - SFMM



Opening Date: June 29, 1978
Length of Track: 8650 feet (two tracks, 4325 each)
Ride Time: 2:30 minutes
Highest Drop: 115 feet
Max. Speed: 62 mph
Capacity: 1900 riders per hour, 56 guests per cycle
Gravity Forces: +3.23 Gs
Designer: International Amusement Devices, Inc. (Sandusky, Ohio)
Builder: Bernards Brothers (San Fernando, California)
Description: With its phenomenal physical size and nearly a mile and a half of track, this dual-track wooden coaster is an architectual wonder. One of the park's most exhilarating rides, after dark Colossus becomes a multi-colored light show. Some special features of this ride:
  • Six Morgan Manufacturing trains (three per track)
  • More than 1.2 million board feet of pressure treated Douglas Fir and Long Leaf Yellow Pine
  • Almost 230,000 pounds of bolts and 22,300 pounds of nails

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