Psyclone - SFMM


Opening Date: March 23, 1991
Height of Lift: 95 feet
Ride Time: 1:50 minutes
Max. Speed: 50 mph
Gravity Forces: 3 Gs
Capacity: 1200 riders per hour, 24 riders per train
Designer: Curtis D. Summers Inc (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Builder: Dinn Corporation (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Description: Designed and engineered by Curtis D. Summers Inc (Cincinnati, Ohio) and constructed by Dinn Corporation (Cincinnati, Ohio) as a replica of a classic boardwalk woodie. This coaster features:
  • More than a half mile of steel track
  • Eleven hills and 5 high speed banked turns
  • A 53 degree first drop
  • A 183 foot tunnel
  • 450,000 board feet of treated but unpainted southern pine
  • 1,200 cubic yards of concrete
  • 16,000 pounds of nails
  • 12,500 pounds of bolts
  • More than 40,000 man hours of work to build

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