Post Office Box 3355

Des Moines, Iowa 50316

This park is themed on he history of Iowa, including a turn of the century Main Street full of architectural replicas.

Rides and Pastimes...

Tornado (1979)

This wooden coaster is designed by William Cobb and features a 93 foot lift. Over its 2840 feet of track, it reaches a top speed of 58 miles per hour over its two minute out-and-back circuit.

Dragon (1990)

O.D. Hopkins and Associates, Inc. built this one and a half minute, 2250 foot long doube-looping coaster. It has a 90 foot lift with an 85 foot drop.

Outlaw (1993)

Designed by Custom Coaster, Inc., this 2800 foot long wooden twister incorporates nine drops and twelve turns over its course. The lift is 67 feet high.

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