Coney Island, New York

This park borders the Atlantic Ocean and New York City, this Brooklyn park still attracts over 10 million people every year. This park is said to have changed the way the world was entertained.

Coney Island actually began as a collection of amusement parks. Since then, the park has changed many times for various reasons. Since the 1920s when the subway connected Manhattan to Coney Island, this place was said to be "the Nickel Empire" -- the subway ride was five cents, the rides were five cents... and even the now-world-famous Nathan's Hotdog was only five cents each.

The park is now just two parks. Astroland and Dino's Wonder Wheel amusement park. Between the two parks, there are still about sixty rides, two of which are now National Landmarks (the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel -- remaining in service since 1912).

Rides and other pastimes...

Cyclone (1927)

Still considered by some to be the World's Best Rollercoaster. When it was built, it was the world's tallest and fastest coaster in the world. Charles Limburgh once said it was "more thrilling than flying the Atlantic." This ride has many, many elements that will surprise even the seasoned rider.

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