Buffalo Bill's Wild West Resort

I-15 South Stateline

PO Box 95997

Las Vega, Nevada 89193-5997

This western-themed hotel/casino is located on the California-Nevada border, about thirty minutes outside Las Vegas. Among other attractions, this place features the world's tallest roller coaster and is well worth the drive from Vegas.

Rides and Pastimes...

Desperado (1994)

Arrow Dynamics brings you another "super coaster," towering just shy of 210 feet. Beating out Cedar Point's Magnum XL-200 by a meer four feet, this ride is the World's Tallest (the drop is actually 225 feet, sinking a few feet in to the ground, which ties it for the World's Longest Drop with Kennywood's Steel Phanton). This 5900 foot long ride is an intense three minutes reaching a top speed of eighty (80) miles per hour -- enough speed to bring tears to your eyes.

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