Busch Gardens: The Old Country

One Busch Gardens Boulevard

Williamsburg, Virginia 23187-8785

One of the Anheuser-Busch Company parks, this park opened in 1975 and is owned and operated by Busch Entertainment Corporation. The park features eight authentically detailed hamlets linking its early American heritage of nearby Colonial Williamsburg with its European roots.

This park is one of the cleanest, best-themed amusement parks in the world. It is a true family park, with a strong conservation and educational mission -- the zoological staff at the park makes it possible to see many rare and exotic animals up-close and personal.

This park also features some of the best and most exciting rollercoasters in the world. It is a perfect blending of the old country and the new millenium.

Where it begins... Where it continues... Busch Gardens was host to "CoasterCon I" where the American Coaster Enthusiasts received their first-ever ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) on the Loch Ness Monster. ACE celebrated their 25th anniversary in this park for CoasterCon XXVI in June of 2003 and proclaimed 'Nessie as a coaster landmark.

Rides and Pastimes...

Loch Ness Monster (1978)

This is Arrow Dynamics first tubular steel coaster with interlocking loops -- a world's first. The first drop is 114 feet worth of a 55 degrees. The entire track is 3240 feet long and lasts a little over two minutes over one of the parks lakes. This coaster was bestowed ACE's "Coaster Landmark Award" in June of 2003, proclaiming this coaster of significant historical merit in coaster history -- the plaque is now displayed proudly at the entrance to the ride.

Big Bad Wolf (1984)

Arrow Dynamics designed this 2800 foot long suspended coaster. This three minute ride includes two lifts and a hair raising drop nearly dropping you in the drink!

Drachen Fire (1992)

This wild coaster is a one-of-a-kind by Arrow Dynamics. Over the 3550 feet worth of track, Arrow shows us many elements never seen until this ride including three corkscrews, a bat wing, and a "cut back" that turns cars 180 degrees inside a loop. The trains, themselves, are uniquely lit providing an awesome light show after the sun retires for the evening. Top speed is 60 miles per hour. One corscrew was later removed by Arrow to help "tame the dragon" (some people were complaining about roughness of the ride). Busch Gardens eventually removed this coaster, sending it to the recycle bin (as in scrap-metal). Many of us will still miss it.

Alpengeist (1997)

Another amazing creation from Bolliger & Mabillard, this inverted giant will freeze you with fear. The ride is 195 feet high and reaches speeds up to 67 mph, making it the world's tallest and fastest inverted coaster. The first drop is 170 feet and the ride features six inversions, which includes a 106 foot vertical loop.

Apollo's Chariot

Nine major drops and speeds up to 73 mph makes the steel coaster something you will not forget. This out-and-back Hypercoaster sends riders out past the parking lot entrance, and back... a smooth, wild ride.

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