Parc Asterix

Paris, France

At seven to eight million visitors a year, this seaside resort is just a few hours north of London. This park has been thrilling visitors for over a hundred years -- it was founded in 1896 by W.G. Bean with such thrill rides as the Hodgekiss Bicycle Railway and the Fly-O-plane which opened in 1904, though still stands today). Blackpool is currently the most visited park in England, the second-most visited park in Europe, and is the ninth most visited park in the world.

With over fifty-eight rides in the park (the second most of any park), it has no real theme or "plan," it seems. However, this historic, free-admission amusement park is a living reminder of simpler time while still boasting some of the best modern rollercoasters in the world.

Pepsi Steel Max

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