Boblo Island

4401 West Jefferson

Detroit, Michigan 48209

Boblo's original name was Etiowiteedannenti (a name from the Huron Indians who once lived there). The French later occupied the island, calling it BOis Blanc (for the "White Wood" of the trees that stood there). In 1898, the island was opened up as a recreational destination (as a picnic and park area) and visitors began to call it "Boblo Island" - the name was officially adopted in 1929.

Rides and Pastimes...

Screamer (1985)

A classic Vekoma double loop steel coaster.

Nightmare (1988)

A dark ninety second, 1150 foot enclosed wooden coaster by Vekoma.

Sky Streak (1988)

A 2500 foot long steel out-and-back coaster by te Sansi Corporation of Japan.

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