Lake Compounce

822 Lake Avenue

Bristol, Connecticut 06010

This park opened to the public in 1846 with such niceties as walking paths, a bandstand, picnic tables and rowboats. In 1846, a trolley line was brought into the park. The first coaster (Green Dragon) was buil in 1914 but replaced in 1927.

Rides and Pastimes...

The Wildcat (1927)

This coaster is a classic example of the Golden Age of coasters, built by the Philadephia Toboggan Company. It was completely refurbished in 1985 by Charles Dinn - the deteriorated wood was replaced, board by board, with pressure treated, long leaf yellow pine and 300 feet of steel-banded track. Though a small coaster by today's standards, the combination of wood and two high-banked fan curves make for a fast paced, intense ride. The first drop is just shy of eighty feet high and the ride time is fifty two seconds.

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