Frontier City

11601 NE Expressway

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73131

This small park is themed as an 1880s frontier town.

Rides and Pastimes...

Wildcat (1968)

This was the last coaster designed by National Amusement Devices and was originally located in Kansas City (it was moved here in 1991). The woodie's been reconfigured to now include a splashdown similiar to that at Disneyand's Matterhorn Bobsled. The ride has a 75 foot high lift and a 65 foot drop. Its top speed is 50 miles per hour over the 2653 feet, two minute circuit.

Nightmare Mine (1977)

An indoor minetrain.

Silver Bullet (1979)

This coaster was originally designed by Anton Schwarzkopf and appeared at the Texas State Fair and Jolly Roger Park (it moved to this park in 1986). This 1942 foot long coaster has an 83 foot lift and a top speed of 55 miles per hour. It features a single loop and a total ride time of one minute and fifteen seconds.

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