Geauga Lake

1060 Aurora Road

Aurora, Ohio 44202

This park opened in 1888. At one time acquired by Six Flags, as of the 2004 season, this park is now a member of the Cedar Fair family. It includes a water park and the old Seaworld area (connected by a bridge spanning the lake as well as two ferries).

Last visit: 2004/06/23 - 2004/06/26

Rides and Pastimes...

Big Dipper (1926)

This woodie, origianlly designed by John Miller, was completely overhauled in 1980. The ride is 65 feet high and reaches a top speed of only 32 miles per hour. Its 2680 feet of track take a minute and forty-five seconds to complete.

Double Loop (1977)

This coaster was designed by Arrow Dynamics and was the first double-looping coaster in the US. The coaster is 95 feet high with a top speed of 36 miles per hour. The track is 1800 feet in length.

Corkscrew (1978)

A classic Arrow Dynamics corkscrew. Only 1250 feet long and 75 feet high.

Raging Wolf Bobs (1988)

The wooden coaster was inspired by the infamous Riverview Bobs at Riverview Park in Chicago, IL (1924-1967). The coaster is 80 feet high and longer than 2640 feet in length. With maximum speeds reaching fifty miles per hour, the ride is about two minutes in length. The coaster features turns banked at up to 55 degrees.

Head Spin

A Vekoma boomerang coaster.


A Vekoma inverted coaster.

Steel Venom

One of the original steel impulse rides. This ride rocket you forward and up a vertical, spinning tower, then propels you backwards through the station to another vertical tower.


A floorless coaster. Try the rear left seat!


A Vekoma flying coaster.

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