Carlsbad, California

This park is located on 128 acres where you can "build your own adventures." The park is a great stop for family's with twelve and under and includes a few family coasters and Lego models that range in size and scope, all built by master builders. And yes, everything's built by Legos, including such things as a model of New York and Mount Rushmore. Just to build Miniland, it took over twenty-million bricks. You'll be amazed at what they can build out of Lego Bricks. Legoland is a wonderland for children's imaginations -- a "hands-on, minds-on experience."

Rides and Pastimes...

Spell Breaker

A suspended coaster through the castle hill area.

Dragon Coaster

A completely themed castle with knights and dragons and Merlin himself.

Tecnic Rollercoaster

The most exciting rollercoaster in the park. This ride boasts a massive twenty-eight miles an hour and includes a five-story drop.

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