Paramount's Kings Dominion

PO Box 2000

Doswell, Virginia 23047-9988

In 1975, the people of Kings Island opened this park and in 1983, Kings Entertainment Company (KECO) had been formed (Kings Dominion, Carowinds, Kings Island and Canada's Wonderland). KECO also owned Great America in Santa Clara, California and in 1992, KECO was sold to Paramount.

Where it begins... Where it continues... PKD was also host to the first-ever recorded Coaster Marathon (to promote the movie Rollercoaster!). In 1978, fourteen people started a marathon on The Rebel Yell... after 102 hours, only three were left standing, so to speak, breaking the Guiness Book's World Record at the time. Largely because of this marathon and subsequent "CoasterCon" at Busch Gardens, the American Coaster Enthusiasts were formed and continue today. PKD was host to CoasterCon XXVI in June of 2003 for ACE's 25th Anniversary convention... and I'd like to extend my sincere gratitude for their absolutely superb hospitality.

Rides and Pastimes...


One of the last remaining bobsled coasters I know of in existence. This is a fun run, particularly after the rain has slickened the track a little bit (*grin*).

Rebel Yell (1975)

A wooden twin racer with two 3368 foot long tracks. The first of twelve hills is 87 feet high and the coaster's top speed is 65 miles per hour over its two minutes and fifteen second ride time.

Grizzly (1982)

This 3150 foot long woodie is a two minute and twenty second hair raising ride. It has no semblance to the "sister" ride at Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara, California, other then the name (in this author's opinion, this is a much better ride).

Shockwave (1986)

This tubular steel standup was designed by Togo, Inc (Japan) and is 2210 feet long with a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

Anaconda (1991)

Arrow Dynamics' steel looped built almost entirely over water, this ride features six inversions, a 130 foot lift, and a 144 foot drop down in to the lake. The ride reaches a top speed of 50 miles per hour over its 2700 feet worth of track.

Hurler (1994)

This 3157 foot woodie was designed by International Coaster, Inc and is identical to the one at Paramount's Carowinds.

Flight of Fear

The world's first LIM-launch coaster. This ride finds riders "investigating" paranormal activity, entering a flying saucer under the guise of media. The ride propels riders out of the station, warping out of the station and vanishing in a blink of lights. Good theming aside, this ride has improved greating since the shoulder harnesses have been converted in to lap bars... keep your head back during launch and move it forward before you hit the tangled mess of track awaiting you at the end of the tunnel (this is a great ride, but it requires that you "learn how to ride it" before you can fully appreciate it).

Taxi Jam

This is kid's coaster.

Scooby Doo

A deceptively small woodie that gives both young and old a ride that you'll never forget.

Volcano - The Blast Coaster

A truly exciting dual-LIM-launch coaster (a world's first!). This Intamin inverted coaster shoots you through a live volcano, erupting and shooting the coaster in to the air and several inversions.

Hypersonic XLC

The world's first air-launch coaster... the eXtreme Launch Coaster. This short-but-sweet coaster takes riders from 0 to 80 mph in under two seconds.

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