Six Flags New England

Box 307

Agawam, Massachusetts 01001

This is a traditional amusement park that got its start in 1840 as a picnic grove called "Callups Grove." In the late 1880s, the name was changed to "Riverside Grove" before being shortened to just "Riverside" in 1912. The park has since been bought by Six Flags and has been branded with their name.


  • Riverside Amusement Park
  • Riverside Grove
  • Callups Grove

  • Rides and Pastimes...

    Thunderbolt (1941)

    Originally named the Cyclone, this coaster was designed from the original blueprints used to build the coaster for the 1939 New York World's Fair. This sixty second wooden clasic is 2865 feet long and has a 70 foot lift hill.

    Black Widow (1977)

    An Arrow Dynamics steel shuttle loop, this coaster has two fifty foot drops that accelerate the train to forty-five miles an hour before a vertical loop (the circuit is repeated backwards and forwards).

    Riverside Cyclone (1983)

    Designed by William Cobb, this coaster has been called the most bone-jarring, harrowing ride in America. Although it does not set any records, this 3600 feet of track is built in a small area (requiring steeper drops and turns) and the first drop (a mere 54-degree twisting fall) accelerates the train to sixty miles an hour in just three seconds before a sixty-degree high-speed banked turn.

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