Sahara Hotel and Casino

2635 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Hidden in the corner of this hotel and casino is a small but enjoyable amusement area. The NASCAR Cafe allows car-racing fans to enjoy a bit of the speed in this 35000 square foot "Cyber Speedway" facility.

Rides and Pastimes...


Perhaps the only LIM coaster to operate year-round, this coaster is capable of speeds up to 70mph. The ride goes from 0 to 45 in two seconds, contains a 72 foot loop and a 225 foot tower. Much like the traditional shuttle loop, this ride packs a punch that you won't forget (for an extra added thrill, make sure you first approach this hotel from the rear parking area so as to "preserve the mystery" of the ride... up until you are sitting in the front seat and are accelerated out of the station!).

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