Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Post Office Box 690290

San Antonio, Texas 78269-0290


New to the Six Flags family in 1996, this park opened in 1992 as a venture with Opryland and as a part of the United States Automobile Association's La Cantera, a 1,620 acre planned area, including a golf course. The park emphisized the history, culture, and music of Texas.

The park is situated in a limestone quarry, providing dramatic 100 foot cliffs as backdrop to the themed areas.

Rides and other pastimes...

The Rattler (1992)

Designed by John Pierce & Associates and built by the Roller Coaster Corporation of Texas, this mammoth coaster is built around the sides of the quarry, including a tunnel through the quarry walls. When the coaster opened, it set four new world records: the tallest wooden coaster structure (180 feet 6 inches), the longest first drop of any wooden coaster (166 feet 4.5 inches), the faster wooden coaster (73 miles an hour), and the steepest drop of any wooden coaster (61.4 degrees). The entire 5080 foot ride takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds. These short trains are only five cars in length.

Joker's Revenge (1996)

A Vekoma original, with a signle vertical loop and a double corkscrew; except that the train runs on the track... backwards.

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