Six Flags Great Adventure

PO Box 120

Jackson, New Jersey 08527

This is one of the three original Marriott's theme parks (the other two sister parks, Marriot's Great America, are in California and Illinois). Including a drive-through wild animal safari park, this is often called America's largest seasonal theme park.

Rides and Pastimes...

Runaway Train (1973)

This is a steel runaway mine train type ride from Arrow Dynamics.

Lightnin' Loops (1978)

A twin shuttle loop coaster by Arrow Dynamics.

Rolling Thunder (1979)

This wooden twin-track coaster was designed by Don Rosser and engineered by William Cobb. This out-and-back style coaster is 3200 feet long with a 96 foot lift hill. The ride has a top speed of fifty six miles per hour.

Great American Scream Machine (1989)

This Arrow Dynamics coaster is a thriller with seven inversions (three vertical loops, a bommerang and a double corkscrew). The 173 foot lift hill gives the train its 687 mile per hour top speed in the 155 foot first drop. The ride is 3800 feet long and lasts two minutes and twenty seconds.

Batman the Ride (1993)

A Bolliger & Mabillard inverted coaster that propels riders through five inversions in a meer 2700 feet of track. This two minute ride reachs a top speed of fifty miles per hour from its 105 foot high lift.

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