Six Flags over Mid-America

Box 666

Eureka, Missouri 63025

This Six Flags park opened in 1971.

Rides and Pastimes...

River King Mine Train (1971)

An original coaster of the park (the other was sold to Dollywood), this mine train was designed by Arrow Dynamics.

The Screamin' Eagle (1976)

This ride was originally designed by John Allen and engineered by Bill Cobb as the world's longest, tallest and fastest classic woodie. At 110 feet high and just shy of 3900 feet of track, this coaster reaches a top speed of 62 miles per hour and features a unique "swoop curve" that slows the train before dropping in to the ride's first 87 foot drop (only to climb to the ride's highest point where it drops 92 feet). In 1990, the trais were replaced, increasing the top speed to 70 miles per hour (each car now only having two sets of wheels instead of four). Now with the fewer wheels (and a greater space tolerance between the top and bottom wheels), the floating sensations are only intensified on this ride.

Ninja (1989)

Vekoma Ride Manufacturing designed this steel coaster to take riders upside down four times in just 2430 feet of track. The ride is 110 feet high and has a top speed of 65 miles per hour. The ride includes a 360 degree clothoid loop, a double corkscrew, and a sidewinder loop. The ride was originally located in Vancouver, Canada for the 1986 World's Fair.

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