Six Flags over Georgia

Post Office Box 43187

Atlanta, Georgia 30378


This park opened around 1967, just to the west of Atlanta as the second of several Six Flags parks now in operation.

Rides and Pastimes...

Dahlonega Mine Train (1967)

Developed by Arrow, this 2323 foot long runaway mine train is themed for the early Gold Rush days in the northern Georgia town of Dahlonega.

The Great American Scream Machine (1973)

This is a 3800-foot long wooden out-and-back style coaster designed by John Allen of Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The first drop is 87 feet from a 105 foot lift. The ride takes two minutes and is impressingly smooth.

Mind Bender (1978)

The first triple-looping stell coaster in North America. Designed by Anton Schwarzkopf, this ride takes two minutes and thirty three seconds and has a lift hill of 80 feet followed by 56 foot tall vertical loops. Watch that downhill sweeper!

Georgia Cyclone (1990)

Designed by Curtis D. Summers, this is the South's only twister-type coaster. It was patterned after the legendary Coney Island Cyclone and is a mirror image of Psyclone at Six Flags California (AKA Six Flags Magic Mountain). With a 95 foot lift and a 78 foot drop at a 53 degree angle, this coaster twists inside and out whicl racing around high-banked turns along the 2970 foot track. It has been described as "A ten acre ride on a three acre site," all packed into one minute and forty eight seconds.

Ninja (1992)

This 2900 foot long, 110 foot high steel Vekoma coaster was formerly the Kamizake at Hunts Pier (now called Conko's Pier) in New Jersey. It sports five inversions in an impressingly small footprint.


A well-themed shuttle looper.


Yet another copy of the original B&M inverted coaster.

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