Six Flags over Texas

Post Office Box 90191

Arlington, Texas 76004-0191

817/640-8900 x2222

This park opened in 1961, midway between Dallas and Fort Worth. The name was chosen for the six flags that have flown over Texas in the past (the park was originally set to be named Texas Under Six Flags but, as park planners put it, "You know how we feel about Texas, and Texas ain't never been under nothing."

Rides and Pastimes...

Runaway Mine Train (1966)

Designed by Arrow Dynamics, this 2400-foot coaster was the first of its kind. The tallest of the ride's three lifts is 35 feet.

Shock Wave (1978)

This steel coaster, designed by Intamin and Anton Schwarzkopf, was the first to feature back-to-back loops. The lift is 116 feet high, accelerating the train to 60 mph and creating nearly 6 G's worth of force at the bottom of the first loop. This 3500 coaster is about two minutes in length.

Judge Roy Scream (1980)

This is a classic wooden out-and-back style coaster. Its top speed is 54 miles per hour over its 2500 feet worth of a two minute circuit.

Flashback (1989)

A Vekoma Boomerang style ride with two 125-foot towers.

Texas Giant (1990)

A 143 foot-high monster of a woodie... Curtis D. Summers of Cincinnati brings us his 21st wooden roller coaster, containing twenty-one drops over its 4920 feet worth of track. The first drop is 137 feet and 53 degrees vertical.

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