Nagashima, Japan

The "land of the rising sun," where "east meets west." Five hours south of Tokyo, Nagashima's Spaland attracts over four million visitor's every year to the coastal resort and community. Upon entering the park, western influence and pop culture seems everywhere -- many of the rides even have english names. This park has three distinct amusement areas, boasting "world class thrills and unexpected delights."

Steel Dragon 2000 (2000)

The longest, tallest, and a fastest coaster in the world (at the time it was built, it stole the record from Cedar Point's Millenium Force, just built a few months previous). It's said to be "the biggest thing to hit Japan since Godzilla." This non-themed rollercoaster is the most expensive ever built at a cost of $51 million. Morgan Manufacturing built this triple-world record coaster. It's 8133 long (more than 900 feet longer than the previous holder), and it reaches a speed of 95 mph from its 318 foot first drop.

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