Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure

Orlando, Florida

About the biggest and best surprise to Universal Studios is this second theme park... a "double identity" often said to not just be a theme park but, "an experience park." This park is considered by some to be the best themed theme park in the world (yes, including it's well-known rival, Disney).

Univeral Studios, Islands of Adventure, is "like having five theme parks in one." The park is made up of five differently themed islands where you not only ride the adventure, but you live it. From Marvel Superhero Island, to the Lost Continent, to Suess Landing, to Toon Lagoon... Universal offers a different ride experience for young and old.

Rides and Pastimes...

The Incredible Hulk

No, this wasn't done in response to the movie, but perhaps the other way around. This Marvel Superhero coaster is one mean ride. Using Linear Induction Technology, this ride accelerates up a lift and immediately in to the ride with a zero-gravity heartline inversion a mere 100 feet off the ground. The hulk will definitely surprise you.

Dueling Dragons

The world's first inverted dual-track, near-miss rollercoasters. These two unique rides, Dragon Ice and Dragon Fire, soar 125 feet above the park. Both coasters pass within twelve inches of one another at fifty-five miles an hour.

The Adventures of Spiderman

While not really a rollercoaster, this takes the old "Back to the Future" ride (which they also created history in its creation) and takes it to the next level. This ride combines motion with 3D images to give you total immersion in to a comic book.

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