Six Flags America

13710 Central Avenue

Post Office Box 1610

Mitchellville, Maryland 20716

This park opened in 1982.


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    Wild One (1917)

    Formerly the Giant at Paragon Park, this coaster was moved to Wild World in 1986. This 4000 foot long woodie was originally designed and built by John Miller and PTC (Philadelphia Toboggan Company). Once the longest and highest in New England with a 98 foot lift and a 52 degree first drop. The two minute ride boasts a top speed of 55 miles per hour. This ride also has a wild "flat" helix at the end of the ride following its out-and-back circuit.

    Superman the Ride

    A hypercoaster similar to the ones at Six Flags Darien Lake and Six Flags New England.

    Joker's Jinx

    A wild LIM-launch coaster with hardly a straight piece of track. This is the outdoor version of Flight of Fear (such as the one in the nearby park, Paramount's King's Dominion). However, this ride is a second generation (read: slower and smoother) version -- it also has the recently modified lap restraints (as compared to the original restraints that went over-the-shoulder and were infamous for making this a rather painful ride).

    Mind Eraser

    A mini-inverted coaster by Vekoma found at many parks around the country, including Six Flags Marine World and Paramount's Canada's Wonderland.


    A copy of the woodie at Six Flags Marine World. This is truly a great rear-seat woodie (esp good in the rain).


    A Vekoma inverted boomerang like the ride in PGA.

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