Coasters.Net is strongly opposed to unsolicited commercial email of any sort. We have not, do not, and never will engage in any such questionable practices (as spamming) -- nor do we sell, lend, trade or divulge or exchange any email addresses in our possession for anything less than a verifiable court order. We value your privacy.

Should you receive an unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or spam "from us," please first know that it wasn't sent by us. Please also know that we will help take any steps necessary to help prove without a shadow of a doubt that it was sent from any of our systems, possibly even helping you to track the spammer down or further eradicate such things from your own systems (our own systems currently reject many hundreds of spam messages a day with only the occassional one slipping through).

Please note that we also do not run any sort of Microsoft bugware on our production networks and, thusly, are not prone to normal virii or worms that run amuck in the Internet at-large. (nor do we use any mail clients, that have ever been known to be vulnerable to even such things as email address and/or read verification -- though some of our anti-spam techniques have sometimes been known to utilize certain countermeasures against spammers)

Should you have any questions about our policies or ideas, please feel free to contact me.

Russell M. Van Tassell
Your Host

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